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our history

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Parkin Projects was established in early 2021 with their premiere work ‘Cry Baby’ running parallel to the State Theatre Centre of WA’s inaugural ‘State of Play’ program during Perth’s ‘Fringe World Festival’. This work set the tone for the success of the company and received a Fringe ‘Weekly Winner’ award, a 5-star review and numerous accolades from figureheads in the local dance industry. 

.."works delve into the liminal spaces of humanity, highlighting the ridiculous and ambiguous aspects of our surroundings."  

Soon after, Parkin Projects secured funding and a business sponsorship to re-envision the second iteration of Cry Baby, to be presented at The Rechabite in August 2021. Cry Baby received four nominations at the 2022 Performing Arts WA Awards and an INDance touring commission to Sydney Dance Company in 2023. In 2022, the company engaged in three developments of their second dance-theatre work, Killjoy. Special thanks to STRUT Dance's SEED Residencies, Co3 Contemporary Dance's IN.STUDIO program and STRUT's inaugural GROUNDWORKS season for supporting the works evolution. Parkin Projects is currently in the works to produce their third work "The Genesis Project"... Stay tuned! 

''the collective forges new pathways and connections within the arts industry by continuous adaptation and innovation in each passing performance.''

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Parkin Projects is driven by the exploration of multidisciplinary approaches to dance. Under the direction of independent artist Kimberley Parkin, this Boorloo based company strives to be a leader in producing accessible and resourceful dance productions whilst closely working with other local artists. Through a project-based approach, the collective forges new pathways and connections within the arts industry by continuous adaptation in each passing performance. The company's focus is on the present. Thus, performances explore concepts which are relevant to the founder’s experience as a young female artist in a Western socio-political backdrop.


Parkin’s works delve into the liminal spaces of humanity, highlighting the ridiculous and ambiguous aspects of her surroundings.  The company aims to reinvent unusual dance spaces by curating a palpable atmosphere through stylised design and production choices as it sprinkles pop-cultural references throughout. Parkin Projects seeks to transport the audience and create a cathartic experience that lasts beyond the realms of the performance space.

our vision

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